The Los Angeles Bible College was first known as the Los Angeles School of Preaching. On September 5, 1970, about thirty preachers and leaders of the Church of Christ participated in a meeting to discuss starting a School of Preaching. This became a reality on January 4, 1971, when fifty-six students enrolled in the school. In the month of January 1976, the Board of Directors decided unanimously to adopt the name LOS ANGELES BIBLE COLLEGE, in order to broaden its scope of appeal.  The Los Angeles Bible College is designed and committed to the task of achieving excellence in Christian Education. It seeks to prepare men and women for competent and willing service in accordance with the Holy Scriptures and to fortify their knowledge of the Bible.  It is also the purpose of the college to train ministers, Bible School teachers, Educational Directors,and Church Leaders. For over 40 years, the Los Angeles Bible College has helped to train numerous ministers and leaders in the Los Angeles area. 

Wilfred Moore


Dr. Wilfred Moore has served on the board of directors of the Los Angeles Bible College for over 30 years.  He has dedicated his life to service, educating, and equipping individuals from all backgrounds and levels of education.